Presentation Services

NHPHP provides exceptional presentations to the chiropractic, dental, dietary, LADC, medical, mental health, midwifery, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, psychologyand veterinarian communities throughout New Hampshire regarding the services offered at NHPHP and health related issues that are specific to health care professionals. Dr. Molly Rossignol conducts various presentations on a variety of relevent topics on topics of concern within the health care professions. NHPHP presentations are appropriate for hospital grand rounds, group medical practices, health care organizations, or specialty society meetings and they meet the criteria for risk management study and CME credits. Providing free education on impairment among healthcare professionals is an essential component of our contract with the NH Office of Professional Licensure and Certification.


NNHPHP recommends that you request a presentation with ample time prior to your requested schedule date (typically two/three or more months ahead) for NHPHP to accommodate your needs. NHPHP is happy to receive an honorarium to help supplement the cost of travel and presenter’s time but there is no change for speaking. If you have additional questions regarding NHPHP presentations, please submit a request in writing to


We have had excellent feedback following Grand Rounds or Departmental presentations on the following:
  • Addiction in Health Care Professionals – can be general or specific to the health care profession audience
  • Is it Burnout, Moral Injury or Something Else – directed towards any health care specialty on request
  • Staying out of Trouble with Your Board and the Press – a joint presentation with a representative of a specific Licensing Board
  • The Occupational Hazards of Medicine


Since 2004, the NHPHP has held an annual treat for NHPHP monitored providers and “graduates” on topics essential for happy and healthy professional lives. These retreats offer 6 hours of CME credit with outside presenters. The costs are underwritten by donations from malpractice insurers to the NHPHP. We can provide contact information to organizations who wish to sponsor a similar retreat at their facility.

2011 John MacDougall DMin
The Spirituality of Hope
2012 Michael McGee MD
The Spirituality of Recovery
2013 Donna Singer MA
Shaping the Career You Want Now and the Retirement You Want Later
2014 Michael Krasner MD
Mindful Practice: Promoting Clinician Resilience and Quality of Care through Awareness and Attention
2015 Janet Archer MA
A Day Long practice of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
2016 Megan Call PhD
Snow Angels in the Quicksand: Embracing Discomfort to Live More Vitally, An introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
2017 Diana Dill EdD
Well-being at Work: From Maximal Engagement to Burnout
2018 Margaret Nagib PsyD and Rosalind Rogers MA from Timberland Knolls
Overcoming Intoxicating Cycles of Shame
2019 Catherine Caldicott MD
Navigating and Maintaining Professional Boundaries in Healthcare
2020 Debra LeClair PsyD and Trinnie Houghton JD
Conscious Leadership: A Sustainable Approach to Managing your Energy and Influencing Change in the Era of Burnout