Treatment Referrals and Monitoring with NHPHP may include:
  • Referral for further evaluation or treatment.
  • Regular monitoring appointments with NHPHP.
  • Forensic testing of blood, urine, hair/nails or breath.
  • Reports generated to various entities.
  • Advocacy with an employer, licensing board, insurance company or other stakeholders in the medical community.
Treatment Referrals and Monitoring with NHPHP may include:
  • NHPHP does NOT provide treatment. We do provide formal assessment and treatment referrals, as we have an elite cadre of highly qualified professionals and programs that specialize in working with health care professionals.
  • NHPHP is dedicated to utilizing any and all qualified resources that are covered under a professional’s health insurance plan. NHPHP also refers to specialized national programs if a condition requires treatment not available locally or within their health insurance network.
  • NHPHP may monitor an individual for several months to several years, depending on the particular clinical aspects.
  • NHPHP may collect on-going collateral data gathered from treatment providers, professional coaches, and/or workplace monitors, if the NHPHP participant approves the requisite releases to do so within NHPHP’s confidentiality guidelines.