• NHPHP’s direct services are FREE to NH licensed chiropractors, dentists, dieticians, licensed alcohol and drug counselors, mental health practitioners, midwives, nurse licensees, optometrists, pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, podiatrists, psychologists and veterinarians.
  • For medical, PA, pharmacy, nursing licensees and veterinary students and residents, NHPHP contracts with many programs to provide free services for those in training programs that reside in the state of NH.
  • Those not licensed in New Hampshire or not holding an active NH license may be able to obtain services for a fee.
  • If a client is referred to treatment/evaluation outside of NHPHP, financial arrangements are for the participant to manage.  NHPHP does not coordinate with insurance companies regarding payment; however, we will review your provider list and can possibly make recommendations from your insurance company’s network.
  • Payment for drug/alcohol testing, consultations, therapy, coaching, or any other referrals outside the NHPHP are the financial responsibility of the participant.